Just A Small Sample of RAVING REVIEWS

From Schools & Educators Like YOU!

The kids enjoyed THIS program just as much as his FIRST (time we had you here), and now have even more tools to develop into people of good character.    

– Catherine Bento, Ph.D., Certified New York State Psychologist

Your gentle manner and sense of humor leant credibility to the message and personal responsibility for one’s behavior, sensitivity to others, and good moral character while your magic entertained and enthralled.

-Nancy Thomas, Principal, Mary Ethel Costello School, Gloucester, NJ

Jim has an extraordinary repertoire of material and an animated manner that captivates and teaches at the same time. Jim is a dedicated performer with the ability to motivate young people. His warmth, enthusiasm and general interest in children was evident in his performance.

– Jan P. Johnson, Montclair Public Library


Thank you for showing our students that while the different cultures may have different ways of celebrating winter; we are all part of one big family called the human race. It was a great way to warm us up during the cold winter months!

-Colleen Culhane, Teacher, Jersey City, NJ

“Magic Jim has the children eating out of his hands as he stressed the importance of respect, responsibility and caring in a most entertaining way.”  

-Joan Pramberger, Interim Principal, St. Gregory the Great School, Hamilton Square, NJ

You so captivated the students with your magic and kept them involved, attentive and entertained – all while instilling important messages of being respectful, responsible, caring people ‘of good character’!

I received phone calls of thanks from the principal, the guidance counselor and teachers. But I really knew the assembly was a success when my own children came home from school that day remarking how ‘cool’ it was. 

-Renee Gillies, Cultural Arts Chairperson, Ramtown School, Howell

We were so impressed with his professionalism and with the quality of Jim’s program, that we asked him to return again to conduct a teacher and parent in-service as well as another program for our students.

-Michael Wald, Ed.D., Certified School Psychologist Somers Elementary School, Somers, CT