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“Magic Jim has the children eating out of his hands as he stressed the importance of respect, responsibility and caring in a most entertaining way.”

Joan Pramberger

Principal, St. Gregory the Great School, Hamilton Square, NJ


Imagine a school where everyone feels safe, accepted, and celebrated…

Imagine students, teachers & staff working together to create a school culture where everyone is included, feels good about themselves and thrives.

There’s no need to imagine…

Jim Vagias’
Kind Kids Show

Jim Vagias’ Kind Kids Show is an interactive Social and Emotional Learning assembly program (S.E..L.) for K-8th grade which offers schools an opportunity to begin a conversation and ignite a shift toward greater school connectedness, community, empathy, inclusivity, and of course, kindness.

It has been proven time and time again that schools which focus on S.E.L. see improved academic performance, a reduction in absenteeism and a decrease in discipline issues. Any teacher or parent can tell you that the better students feel about themselves and their community, the better they will perform academically.

So how do we teach students to be the best versions of themselves?

Jim’s Kind Kids Show.

Developed by a former teacher, The Kind Kids Show uses magic, humor, and audience participation as vehicles to help students make good and valuable choices,  inspire them to be the best person they can be, and most important, give them the tools to retain & apply what they’ve learned.

It’s a win-win for the whole school  when kids start implementing the lessons they learned from Jim and The Kind Kids Show.

The Kind Kids Show goes beyond traditional and dated anti-bullying efforts, and instead builds empathy and inspires a school-wide movement of acceptance, kindness and positive change.

The Magic of Reading

 Jim’s Once Upon Imagination: A magical reading adventure into a world where fantasy, myth and fairy tales.

Developed over a five-year period in coordination with numerous New Jersey educators and librarians, this highly participatory program is specifically designed to get kids laughing, clapping and excited about the possibilities that await them when they open a book.

We talk about all sorts of books: Biographies, Research Books, and Story Books. Of course, “cool” magic routines are done about each type of book, as children from the audience are invited up during the performance to help make the magic happen!



Celebrate America’s most beloved author, Dr. Seuss with characters, tales and stories from his most popular books.

A treat for any time of the year, and also perfect for Read Across America celebrations, “Salute To Seuss” is guaranteed to get students excited about books and reading.


Winter Holiday Express: The Magic of Different Cultures

Join Magic Jim as he takes your students on an imaginary train ride around the world! Using books that can be found in your library, Jim teaches students how different cultures celebrate the winter holidays. With lots of humor and audience participation, your students will learn about Kwanza, Diwali, Solstice, Ramadan, Hanukkah, and Christmas.

American Heroes: The Magic of Citizenship

Join Magic Jim and his trusty sidekick puppet dog Clue as they take a fun and fact-filled journey to Washington, D.C. During the imaginary trip to our nation’s capital, students will learn about different American heroes like Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony and George Washington Carver.

Throughout the assembly, Magic Jim will use books and biographies that can be found in your school library. Not only will students learn what those great Americans did, but will also find out what they all had in common. Like all of Magic Jim’s assemblies, this one is full of magic, humor, audience participation, and puppetry.