Back to School Could Mean Back to Bullying

September 1st, 2015


The sweet summer season has come to an end and as children go back to school, parents must realize they play a key role when it comes to identifying, preventing, and helping their child that is being bullied.

Be aware of the signs that your child might be getting bullied.

Some of these signs include: hesitation about going to school and/or extracurricular activities, decreased appetite, anxiety, crying, depression, etc. If any of these signs are apparent, have an open-ended conversation with your child to get to the root of where the bullying has started. Don’t give them “tough love” and tell them to live with it, instead, evaluate the situation and help them come up with solutions to the scenarios they are faced with.

Learn about your child’s school bullying policy. The situation may get to the point where you have to bring in administration to help resolve the issue. This can help your child identify and confide in a teacher and/or counselor at school that they can go to when you’re not present.

Set limits especially when it comes to technology. Be sure to have access or “friend” your child on all social media platforms so you are aware of any and all activity they may partake in. If you have a family computer, put it in a pubic area. Also, let your child know that for his/her safety, you will be monitoring their cell phones, including their text messages and photos taken.

With some of these initial guidelines implemented, you should be on the road to preventing bullying in your child’s school life, or at the very least, addressing it properly if/when it does occur.