Featuring Jim Vagias

The Northeast's Only Assembly Magician with a Teacher's Background

Winter Holiday Express: The Magic of Different Cultures

Appropriate for ages K-8.

Winter Holiday Express The Magic of Different Cultures

Join Magic Jim as he takes your students on an imaginary train ride around the world. Using books that can be found in your library, Jim teaches students how different cultures celebrate the winter holidays.With lots of humor and audience participation, your students will learn about Kwanza, Diwali, Solstice, Ramadan, Hanukkah and Christmas.

This is my 50th year of teaching. I have seen many presentations in that time, but yours was absolutely the best I have ever seen in those 50 years.– Barbara Hosking, Teacher, Deer Park, NY

We’ve all heard of these holidays, but many students don’t really know what some of them are about. (Even teachers have come up after the assembly and said ‘I knew about this holiday, but the assembly really explained the meaning behind it. Thanks so much!)

Thank you for showing our students that while the different cultures may have different ways of celebrating winter; we are all part of one big family called the human race. It was a great way to warm us up during the cold winter months!– Colleen Culhane, Teacher, Jersey City, NJ

This memorable assembly is geared towards fostering cultural diversity and understanding among all peoples. Although it is appropriate for any school or library, it is especially effective for schools that have an ethnically diverse population. Your students will learn that although we may celebrate different holidays and enjoy different traditions, what we have in common is far greater than our differences.

The kids walked around all week talking about the ‘spirit of giving and magic sharing.’ Your story was simple, your message beautiful and magic tricks, truly magical. The kids loved it! So did the staff.– Elena Bruno, OTPTA President, Waretown, NJ

Teachers are often seen wiping tears from their eyes at the finale, when the entire audience continues to repeat the magic words “Gift of Giving, Magic of Sharing” as a beautiful snowstorm appears. This assembly is perfect for the months of November, December, and January.