Featuring Jim Vagias

The Northeast's Only Assembly Magician with a Teacher's Background

Reading is Cool: The Magic of Books

This Program Is Guaranteed To Get Your Students Excited About Reading, AND Save You Money At The Same Time. Appropriate for ages K-8.

Jim with a book and flowers

As an Educational Entertainment Specialist, with over 30 years of experience, I want to tell you more about my reading motivational assembly, Reading is Cool: The Magic of Books which will add to your reading program in a unique, exciting and (dare I say it?) inspirational way.

Jim has an extraordinary repertoire of material and an animated manner that captivates and teaches at the same time. Jim is a dedicated performer with the ability to motivate young people. His warmth, enthusiasm and general interest in children was evident in his performance.– Jan P. Johnson, Montclair Public Library

Being a Former Teacher Sure Helps

As a parent and former teacher, I know the importance of encouraging young people to read. It is for this very reason that I developed Reading Is Cool, a highly participatory, 45 minute program appropriate for pre-K to fifth grade.This program was developed over a five-year period in coordination with numerous New Jersey educators and librarians. As an Educational Entertainment Specialist,I have utilized my own background and training as an educator and family entertainer to assure that the contents of the program would both entertain and motivate young people. It has been performed for over ten thousand New Jersey students, and is the perfect addition to any reading program. This is a rarity among assembly programs – combining magic, humor, storytelling, and audience participation to teach and motivate young people. (Adults seem to enjoy it as well!) It is certain to encourage the students to frequent the library to explore their interests and fulfill their potential. You may be wondering,”What kind of assembly show can do all that?”

Your delightful presentation of ‘Reading is Cool’ was very well received by the pupils of Columbia Grammar School. The ‘magical tricks,’ your clever sense of humor and the importance of the reading process, which was woven into your performance, made this a worthwhile learning experience for our children.– Stanley Seidman, Grammar School Director, New York, NY

Entertainment They Will Love.
A Message They Won’t Forget

Let’s face it, many assembly performers have no real understanding of kids and how to gear information to engage them so they retain what has been taught: their programs are full of theory, platitudes and are…. boring. Having been a teacher, I’ve been “in the trenches,” working with students on a day-to-day basis. So my program is not one of those dry presentations where children are simply lectured to about how “…they should read books.” Nothing turns children off faster than being forced to do anything (including reading), right? So this program is specifically designed to get kids laughing, clapping and excited about the possibilities that await them when they open a book. We talk about all sorts of books: Biographies, Research Books, and Story Books. And of course we do”cool” magic routines about each type of book. I say “we” because children from the audience are invited up during the performance to help make the magic happen. I’m sure you agree that when children see their peers performing feats of magic, they will all feel special and inspired, and will walk away with memories that will last for a long, long time

Jim with his Reading is Cool set

Proof of How This Program Can Have a Profound Impact on Those Who Attend

I firmly believe that this program has the ability to turn children on to books. If you need concrete evidence, here’s what a teacher from Jersey City wrote me:

Yesterday each student was asked to name what job they wanted to have when they grew up, and what steps they needed to take to have that job. Virtually every child wrote down that the first thing they needed to do was to go to the library and to take out books about their chosen field! This was…a direct result of…when you explained that the first thing you did when you decided to become a magician was ‘to go to the most magical place of all – the library.’ Thank you for the care you showed the students and for making my job as a teacher easier by encouraging my students to read.– Marie Schliching, The Jersey City Public Schools, Jersey City NJ

What greater satisfaction can I get than knowing that I had a positive and lasting influence on kids? (I know it’s corny. It’s also true.)

The Theme, ‘Reading is Cool’ was cleverly integrated into your routine. The material was age appropriate and the student response was very positive. This is a program that comes highly recommended.– Dr. Willa S. Pryor, Principal, Dwight Eisenhower School, Piscataway
It was our first experience working with Jim and I wasn’t sure what to expect. What we got was a fabulous show by an experienced professional. Jim was very easy to work with, flexible, accomodating and just very nice.– Kate Nafz, Children’s Librarian, Maurice M. Pine Free Public Library, Fair Lawn, NJ
Reading is Cool: The Magic of Books was perfect for our library, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an entertaining way to encourage children to read and use the library.– Bobbie Protono, Children’s Librarian, Elmwood Park Public Library, Elmwood Park, NJ

I am so committed to having your students experience this program, and am confident that they will like what they see, that I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. Please read about my money-back guarantee.

Magic Jim offers children the best of what education can provide; the opportunity to learn while enjoying it. I encourage you to utilize Jim’s talent and energy as part of your cultural enrichment curriculum.-Michael A. Rossi, Jr. Ph.D., Hope Township School

Here’s Some More Applause For “Reading is Cool”:

The children were thrilled with the magic show and you were very entertaining. You really emphasized the importance of reading and using the library.– Georgiana Foti, PTA Chairperson, Sharon School, Robbinsville The program was not only entertaining but it sent a solid message that reading provides useful information for many kinds of activities. We had the entire school in our assembly and it is a tribute to you how well every age group responded to the show. The staff enjoyed it too!– Ronnie Storch, Principal, Memorial School, East Brunswick The show ‘Reading is Cool: The Magic of Books’ was enjoyed by all who attended.It was amazing to watch you as you encouraged the children to participate. They were enamored with your engaging tricks and humor.– Yvonne van Lith, Children’s Librarian, Teaneck LibraryYou managed to keep an audience of children and adults spellbound for an hour, and keep them laughing every step of the way. Its rare to find a performer who can control so large a group of such varied ages as well as you did, and have them eating out of the palm of your hand.– Joseph Mancuso, Executive Director, Union County Arts Center The magic show was a delight for all of our students and a perfect way for us to mark Reading is Fun Week. Jim was professional as well as personable in his presentation, and he interacted beautifully with the students. I believe he would be a hit with children in every school.– Mary Dee Atkins, Coordinator of Assembly Programs, Midland School, North Branch