Featuring Jim Vagias

The Northeast's Only Assembly Magician with a Teacher's Background

Bully Proof Your School: The Magic of Character

An anti-bullying, character education assembly for schools throughout the northeast! Appropriate for Grades K-8.

Here’s how it will benefit your students and school environment.

This fast-paced, highly entertaining and educational assembly program uses magic, humor, storytelling and audience participation to engage the students imaginations and teach them life affirming messages.

“Bully-Proof Your School” teaches students character traits that will not only make them better people, but will create an environment in your school where there will be no room for bullies.

Your gentle manner and sense of humor leant credibility to the message and personal responsibility for one’s behavior, sensitivity to others, and good moral character while your magic entertained and enthralled. The students really listened to your final message about not being a bully or allowing bullying to happen.– Nancy Thomas, Principal, Mary Ethel Costello School, Gloucester, NJ
You so captivated the students with your magic and kept them involved, attentive and entertained – all while instilling important messages of being respectful, responsible, caring people ‘of good character’! I received phone calls of thanks from the principal, the guidance counselor and teachers. But I really knew the assembly was a success when my own children came home from school that day remarking how ‘cool’ it was.– Renee Gillies, Cultural Arts Chairperson, Ramtown School, Howell
We were so impressed with his professionalism and with the quality of Jim’s program, that we asked him to return again to conduct a teacher and parent in-service as well as another program for our students.– Michael Wald, Ed.D., Certified School Psychologist Somers Elementary School, Somers, CT

This program has been developed after considerable research and consultation with a good number of New Jersey educators (in particular student assistance specialists.) Dr. Alan Sugarman, former Superintendent for the Fort Lee School District and a renowned expert in the field of Anti-Bullying, has been a strong supporter of this assembly.

The Major Themes Of This Assembly Are:

When my office phone is buzzing with praise before the second assembly even starts, I know I must get the word out to colleagues that this is an assembly not to be missed– Helen C. Levine, Eli Whitney PTS Cutural Committee Chair & School Nurse
Truly, Jim Vagias worked Magic as I watched several hundred 3rd and 5th graders absolutely enthralled with one of the most dynamic and interesting approaches to ‘Responsibility’, ‘Character’, and ‘Caring’ one could imagine.– Alan W. Sugarman, Education Consultant/National Speaker
It is rare to hold a school assembly in which the performer is able to control a lively crowd of first, second, and third graders as effectively as you do! The ways in which you incorporate every child’s active participation, engage them with humor and magic, and also send a important message about the importance of character have made your assembly one that is requested by students and teachers again and again!– Greta Watson, Principal, Shepard Hill elementary School, Plainfield, CT

While these themes seem rather dry on paper, they are presented in a fun and engaging manner: using magic, humor, audience participation,and storytelling to get the point across, and to reinforce what I suspect is already part of your curriculum.

Call now at (732) 238-8139 to be sure to get the date and time that you want. I look forward to hearing from you, and of course the program is backed by my full 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

What other people say about me is much more important than what I say about myself. Here are a few more reviews of “Bully-Proof Your School” The Magic Of Character…

Magic Jim has the children eating out of his hands as he stressed the importance of respect, responsibility and caring in a most entertaining way.– Joan Pramberger Interim Principal, St. Gregory The Great School, Hamilton Square, NJ
You would be surprised at how many students have been giving out more compliments the last few days. That is a direct result of the message of your show.– Karen Boyle, Spotswood Public Schools, Appleby School, Spotswood NJ
If you’ve already had the Bully Proof assembly, check out Bully Proof II: the Sequel.