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The Northeast's Only Assembly Magician with a Teacher's Background

Bully Proof II: the Sequel

Due to an overwhelming number of requests for a follow-up to his original assembly Bully-Proof Your School: The Magic of Character, Jim has developed a sequel assembly called Bully-Proof II. Appropriate for Grades K-8.

Just like the hugely popular first assembly, Bully-Proof II uses magic, humor, story-telling and lots of audience participation to give students the tools to develop positive character traits, and to teach them to deal with bullies. Bully-Proof II picks up where the first assembly left off, as students learn three new character traits:

It was a very effective program: continuing to talk about the importance of character and teaching the methods to deal with bullies. If you felt his first program went over well in your school, you should consider taking a look at this new one to reinforce these character messages.– Marilyn Heinze, Student Counselor, Maple Road School, West Milford, NJ

The assembly also reinforces the steps to take when dealing with bullies who won’t go away. It is enormously popular with students and faculty alike, and has been known to literally bring tears to the eyes of parents and faculty members in attendance.

The kids enjoyed this program just as much as his Bully Proof I program, and now have even more tools to handle bullies and continue to develop into people of good character.– Catherine Bento, Ph.D., Certified New York State Psychologist

It is a perfect follow-up to the original assembly. In fact, numerous schools alternate the assemblies each year, having Bully I and Bully II as an annual part of their character education/anti-bullying school curriculum.

Bully II is only offered to those schools that have already booked the original assembly.

It was great! This assembly is totally new, but just like the last one because Jim uses magic and story telling to give our students positive messages about character and ways to handle bullies. The students loved this assembly every bit as much as they loved the last one. By the looks on their faces and the sound of their laughter, I know that they got a great deal out of it. If you enjoyed ‘Bully Proof Your School,’ you owe it to your students to call Jim and invite him back for his new one — a sequel that is every bit as good as the original.– Karen Von Braunsberg, Character Education Teacher, Our Lady of Peace School, Lynbrook, NY