Featuring Jim Vagias

The Northeast's Only Assembly Magician with a Teacher's Background


Educational Productions is proud to perform its anti-bullying and character education programs for a wide variety of groups and causes. All performances are backed by Jim Vagias’ Money-Back Guarantee.

Choose which offerings best fit your programming needs:

School Assemblies

Bully-Proof Your School: The Magic of Character

This anti-bullying character education program teaches respect, responsibility and caring, while entertaining your students at the same time.
Appropriate for Grades K-8.
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Magic Jim has the children eating out of his hands as he stressed the importance of respect, responsibility and caring in a most entertaining way.- Joan Pramberger, Interim Principal, St. Gregory the Great School, Hamilton Square, NJ

Bully-Proof II: The Sequel

Just like the hugely popular first assembly, Bully-Proof II uses magic, humor, story-telling and lots of audience participation to give students the tools to develop positive character traits, and to teach them to deal with bullies. Bully-Proof II picks up where the first assembly left off, as students learn three new character traits – trust, cultural diversity and fairness.
Appropriate for Grades K-8.
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The kids enjoyed this program just as much as his Bully Proof I program, and now have even more tools to handle bullies and continue to develop into people of good character.- Catherine Bento, Ph.D., Certified New York State Psychologist
Jim with his Reading is Cool set

Reading is Cool: The Magic of Books

Developed over a five-year period in coordination with numerous New Jersey educators and librarians, this highly participatory program is specifically designed to get kids laughing, clapping and excited about the possibilities that await them when they open a book. We talk about all sorts of books: Biographies, Research Books, and Story Books. Of course, “cool” magic routines are done about each type of book, as children from the audience are invited up during the performance to help make the magic happen!
Appropriate for Grades K-8.
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Jim has an extraordinary repertoire of material and an animated manner that captivates and teaches at the same time. Jim is a dedicated performer with the ability to motivate young people. His warmth, enthusiasm and general interest in children was evident in his performance.- Jan P. Johnson, Montclair Public Library

Winter Holiday Express: The Magic of Different Cultures

Join Magic Jim as he takes your students on an imaginary train ride around the world! Using books that can be found in your library, Jim teaches students how different cultures celebrate the winter holidays. With lots of humor and audience participation, your students will learn about Kwanza, Diwali, Solstice, Ramadan, Hanukkah, and Christmas.
Appropriate for Grades K-8.
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Thank you for showing our students that while the different cultures may have different ways of celebrating winter; we are all part of one big family called the human race. It was a great way to warm us up during the cold winter months!- Colleen Culhane, Teacher, Jersey City, NJ

American Heroes: The Magic of Citizenship

Join Magic Jim and his trusty sidekick puppet dog Clue as they take a fun and fact-filled journey to Washington, D.C. During the imaginary trip to our nation’s capital, students will learn about different American heroes like Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony and George Washington Carver.

Throughout the assembly, Magic Jim will use books and biographies that can be found in your school library. Not only will students learn what those great Americans did, but will also find out what they all had in common. Like all of Magic Jim’s assemblies, this one is full of magic, humor, audience participation, and puppetry.
Appropriate for Grades K-8.

Summer Reading Programs

Some of Jim’s favorite memories of growing up were taking trips to the library with his mom to take out books.  As a former teacher, he is dedicated to encouraging young people to read in order to explore their interest and fulfill their potential.

Every summer, Jim writes a brand new summer reading program.  Some of Jim’s previous summer library programs have included Get a Clue: The Magic of Books; Catch the Reading Bug; and Dream Big: The Magic of Imagination. “A Universe of Stories” is the title of the 2019 summer program. All the summer library programs include magic, humor, puppetry, lots of audience participation, and are suitable for all ages.

Additionally, Jim offers a hands-on magic workshop to encourage young adults to read. This 45 minute young adult magic workshop will provide YA readers the supplies and instruction to perform a half dozen magic tricks and will expose them to a number of resources in the library to enable them to learn more about this ancient art.  Participants will see a brief magic show, learn how to perform simple magic tricks, and will be shown ways that the library can help them find out more about this fun hobby.

Participants receive all the supplies needed to perform the tricks taught, instruction from one of the nation’s leading teachers of magic, a list of resources that will encourage further exploration of this hobby, and encouragement and inspiration to visit the library to learn more!

In-Classroom Workshops
Students love Jim’s 45-minute “show and tell” hands-on magic workshop. This workshop is designed to help with reading comprehension, sequential learning skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative thinking. By learning how to perform magic, students build self-esteem and social skills.
In-classroom workshops are appropriate for small groups between the ages of 5 – 13. All materials are provided for the workshops.
Faculty/Parent Workshops
In order to expand upon the success of the student assembly, many schools have asked for presentations specifically geared to parents and to faculty. Jim is able to provide both.

Parent Workshop

The parent workshop discusses topics such as:

  • The various types of bullying
  • Possible causes
  • Common misconceptions effects of bullying on victims bullies and bystander
  • Identifying signs of bullying
  • Preventive steps parents can take to take to guard against their child being bullied.

Parents are also treated to an abbreviated version of the assembly that their child has seen. By seeing this assembly, parents are provided an ideal tool to help foster communication at home on the topic.

Faculty Workshop

The faculty workshop discusses topics such as:

  • Results of unchecked bullying
  • The various types of bullying
  • Possible causes
  • Common misconceptions effects of bullying on victims bullies and bystander
  • Identifying signs of bullying
  • Concrete steps to take in fostering an environment that minimizes the likelihood of bullying
  • Preventive steps to implement to foster caring and concerned bystanders

These adult workshops are an excellent way to insure that everyone involved – faculty, administration, parents, and students – are all using the same vocabulary and employing the same tools in dealing with bullying.

Fundraisers – Family Fun Night – Educational Productions
Magic Jim offers a perfect opportunity for your school’s parent organization to raise money with very little effort. Your school can host a “Family Fun Night” – a risk-free, easy way to generate significant funds for the school – with virtually no work on anyone’s part.  One school raised $2,500 in one evening!
Here’s how it works:

  • Magic Jim performs a one hour family magic show suitable for both adults and children.
  • We provide a customized flyer and letter that the school can copy and send home with the students announcing the performance.
  • Your school can charge a small admission fee – most schools have charged $5 per person or a family pass of $20.
So that there is no financial risk on your part, we will waive any performer’s minimum guarantee. Unlike many other fundraising ventures, your school pays no money up front.  We simply split ticket sales 50/50.
We also donate a jumbo 400 page magic book to the school to be raffled off during the event. Magic Jim even personally autographs the book for the winner! The school keeps 100% of the money from this raffle. Isn’t that better than a 50/50 raffle, where you have to share half the proceeds?
Additional income can also be generated by selling refreshments before the show. We can show you ways other schools have had the refreshments donated, so you can keep the entire refreshment sales.
The Family Fun Night Fundraiser is a wonderful way to generate a sense of community among the parents, students and teachers, as well as a risk-free, effort-free way to generate (potentially significant) income for the school.
It’s also a lot of fun!