Featuring Jim Vagias

The Northeast's Only Assembly Magician with a Teacher's Background


Jim’s Guarantee

To School Educators and Administrators Everywhere:

I am so committed to having your school experience my programs, and am confident that you will like what you see, that I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. Please read the next paragraph carefully. It is NOT a misprint…

If you are not completely satisfied with my program, then I will not accept my fee. No questions asked, no hassles. You must be completely satisfied with the program or it costs you nothing. Period.

When was the last time you got a guarantee like that from a program presenter? I feel secure in making this guarantee because after performing for over 500,000 students, I know you will be more than pleased. Again, as a former teacher and parent involved in my child’s PTA, I am well aware of working within tight budgets. So I don’t want you to be worried about wasting your money – I want you to be comfortable with your decision to book this program. That’s why I want to make this a risk-free decision for you.

Yours Truly,
Jim Vagias (Magic Jim)