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The Northeast's Only Assembly Magician with a Teacher's Background

Integrating Anti-Bully Lessons into Your Curriculum

In the last several issues, we talked about how to identify potential targets of bullying, and steps to take to minimize the likelihood of bullying both in the classroom and the school at large. In this issue, I’d like to share some examples of how teachers have been able to incorporate concepts related to bullying […]


Bully-Proofing Your School

In the last issue, I talked about steps that educators can take to minimize the chances that a likely target would be bullied. Here are a few additional concrete suggestions that can be given to teachers and others in your building to minimize the potential occurrences of bullying. We know educators cannot be everywhere (although […]


Monitoring Potential Targets

In my last post, I talked about signs that might give educators clues that a student might be a victim of bullying. This issue, I’d like to go over some steps educators can take to help PREVENT potential targets from being bullied. Remember, bullies tend to focus on kids who are perceived to be “different”: […]


Bullying: How to Advise Teachers on Warning Signs

Having been a teacher (and still being married to one) I am well aware that teachers and counselors are asked to take on enormous and ever increasing tasks and responsibilities: standardized tests, faculty evaluations, volumes of unending paperwork, etc.. I am genuinely sensitive to that. And state mandates on bullying have made the job even […]


Back to School Could Mean Back to Bullying

The sweet summer season has come to an end and as children go back to school, parents must realize they play a key role when it comes to identifying, preventing, and helping their child that is being bullied. Be aware of the signs that your child might be getting bullied. Some of these signs include: […]